Well, this is the page that most people will care about and read the least, and I honestly understand that. But for those who do care about or read this, here’s what I want to let you know.

I would call myself a football fanatic, but that doesn’t fully convey how much I love football. This blog is a way for me to channel my inner football nerd, and hopefully gain some attention along the way. Likes are always appreciated, as they give me insight into what pages and articles are more popular, but comments are the real gold. I will do my best to respond to any comment, be it a question, advice, or discussion starter. I hope I can help you reinforce or develop your passion for football, as others have done for me.

Additionally, anyone with an interest in sports – particularly football – should check out the Sports Shpiel podcast, which offers thoughts on football and other major sports each week.

Jason Feit, Writer & Editor

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