Eagles: Best in the NFL?

Dominant. That is how those in the football world would describe the Eagles 8-1 start, particularly on the heels of their 51-23 thrashing of the Broncos. With the NFL’s best record thus far, it begs the question: Are the Eagles the best team in the NFL?

The short answer is no. There are too many other talented teams for the Eagles claim to be undisputed. Granted, the Eagles have all the components of a great team and Super Bowl contender. Led by MVP candidate Carson Wentz, the team has played nearly flawless football in all three phases of the game. Additionally, I see the Eagles as perhaps the most complete roster in the league. However, they haven’t shown that they can beat any of the teams that they will undoubtedly be facing in the playoffs. While a few of the teams they have faced this season are solid football teams, the only playoff team they played was the Kansas City Chiefs, to whom they lost by a touchdown. I’m not saying that the Eagles lack the potential to be the best team in football, I’m only saying that they haven’t truly faced the adversity to gain that recognition.

To be a truly great football team it takes more than just wins and talent, it takes a certain mindset and culture. The Eagles have a chance to become one of those teams, but first they must show that they can beat perennial Super Bowl contenders. Luckily, they have a chance to garner that respect, with upcoming match-ups against the Cowboys, Seahawks, and similarly up-and-coming Rams.

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